Meet Mosaik.

The future of

property search.
transaction management.
client retention.
tech for agents and teams.
property search.
tech for
agents & teams

Mosaik is the operating platform that enables real estate agents and teams to close more deals, generate more referrals, and perfect the client experience.

Mosaik is everything you need to streamline your operations once a lead becomes a client.

Collaborative search that breaks the mold and raises the bar.

Provide your clients with a visually delightful and deeply personalized view of properties.

Mosaik’s collaborative search considers all of your client’s needs, wants, and priorities in a way that traditional search filters simply can’t, while empowering you to deliver personalization at unparalleled scale.

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Pinpoint accuracy.

Personalized insights, robust property data, and behavioral analytics power collaborative search that helps you stay a step ahead, guide with precision, and pinpoint the perfect property for your clients every time.

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Round out the search experience with a full suite of functionality.

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With a cherry on top...

Keep your clients out of competitor portals and fully engaged within your ecosystem. Mosaik’s highly-personalized search experience and holistic operating platform are built to work together for a more powerful (and enjoyable) experience. 

It’s collaborative search that actually sticks.

Listing & Transaction Management to help you 

seal every deal.

Mosaik's collaborative transaction rooms keep you in control while keeping everyone else tuned in, within reach, and on track

Invite team members, clients, and outside collaborators to a state-of-art interface they’ll actually enjoy using.

A single source of truth for document management, activity tracking, and messaging — no more chasing down email threads and bouncing between apps.

Integrated task management to ensure nothing is missed, and deadlines stay drama-free.

Robust logic-based templates, intuitive alerts, and automated reminders save you time and keep your focus on what matters most.

Give your clients more clarity on what’s coming next, empower yourself with more visibility across the board, and always stay a step (or two) ahead.

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See and be seen.

Easy-to-manage showings should never be a compromise between convenience and control of your data.

Create scheduling links that are property-specific and easily customizable.

Manage showings, activity, and feedback from one convenient location, and rest easy knowing that your data is always under your control.

Every offer
on the table.

Say goodbye to incomplete paperwork, offers that get stuck in spam, and the hassle of keeping everyone updated.

Mosaik’s (property-specific) offer submission portals help you get the information you need in the format you want. Automatically send updates to buyers’ agents, review with sellers, and easily compare offers side-by-side.

Form management that isn't a hassle (finally).

Mosaik’s intelligent interfaces guide clients through forms step by step, so everything feels simple and nothing gets missed.

Collaborative editing, commenting, and auto-populating data make it faster and easier to prep forms, tackle questions, manage revisions, and check for compliance. With integrated e-signatures, there’s one less step for you to worry about.

And, forms are now mobile-friendly, so you’re covered anywhere and everywhere.

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Client Experience Engine

Home base for your clients.

A home run for you.

The best client relationships go well beyond a single transaction and the best agents create value and guidance for the long haul. To enhance your position as a lifelong advisor and ally — and to make sure you never miss an opportunity — Mosaik’s client experience engine is designed to help you create hyper-personalized digital experiences that your clients will love while also creating a powerful flywheel of repeat and referral business.

Mission Control

Interactive dashboards show your clients exactly what they want (and need) to know, wherever they are in their homeownership journey, while always keeping them connected to you.

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A personal concierge
for every client

From home inspectors to lawn care and everything in between, Mosaik’s digital concierge showcases your top recommendations for transaction and home service professionals.

It’s a snap for your clients (and you) to find help exactly when it’s needed, as well as keep communications and estimates easily organized.

Infinitely more than just a contact list, it keeps your stamp of approval top-of-mind, while serving as a 24/7 source for your clients’ ongoing needs — before, during, and long after the transaction.

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A KIT for every occasion.

Keep in touch with clients over the long-haul using updates and alerts that are highly personalized and valuable, yet easily automated and deployed.

Alert clients to potential cost-saving opportunities. Provide home maintenance reminders tailored to their property. Offer timely updates on equity shifts at home or market movements in their neighborhood.

From there, built-in analytics and tracking tools measure client response and engagement to help you perfectly time every touchpoint.

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Advanced Analytics

Make every move the

right move.

With Mosaik as your unified and collaborative operating platform, everything flows together to power your visibility and analytics with an incredible level of depth and precision.

With Mosaik as your unified and collaborative operating platform, everything flows together to power your visibility and analytics with an incredible level of depth and precision.

Designed for agents, built to scale.

Whether you’re in the process of scaling a mega-team, a solo agent looking to reclaim some time in the day, or anywhere in between, Mosaik has you covered.

Your digital sidekick is equipped to serve your unique needs as they are today, as they will be tomorrow, and well beyond.

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Something else you should know...

At Mosaik, we strongly believe technology should enhance our lives and experiences, not aggravate us or get in the way.

It should be simple to use, make life easier, and it should just work. That’s the philosophy we apply to every workflow — down to each individual pixel.

And, as a company, we believe our technology is only as good as the service that comes with it. From white-glove onboarding to on-demand resources and support, we always strive for your happiness - the best seal of approval.

Mosaik is

incredibly powerful,
elaborately simple,
& intentionally frictionless.

But don’t just take our word for it…

see for yourself.