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What is Mosaik? What does it do?

Mosaik is an operating platform for client-centric agents and teams. It brings together everything you need once a lead becomes a client, while solving pain points for both agents and clients along the way. This includes collaborative search, listing management, transaction management, client retention, analytics, and more.

The end result is powerful workflow management for you, combined with a digital experience engine for your clients. Mosaik can:  

1. Increase efficiency, so you can identify more opportunities, serve more clients, and close more transactions. 

2. Increase client satisfaction by providing clients with a convenient and transparent digital experience.

3. Increase client retention by keeping you connected to your clients after closing in a meaningful and valuable way. This helps ensure repeat and referral business is never lost. 

4. Reduce the number of applications you deal with. This significantly reduces friction (and may save you money too). 

5. Make everybody happy. 

What doesn’t Mosaik do?

Mosaik is not a marketing platform - we don’t create websites or run social media ads. 

Mosaik is not a CRM - we offer features that increase client retention and that work in conjunction with your CRM; however, our primary focus is not centered on lead conversion.

Mosaik kicks in when a lead becomes a client and works hand-in-hand with your preferred marketing tools and CRM.

Mosaik can replace most manual functions; third party collaborative search applications; analytics tools; and the various platforms that handle offers, showings, transactions, forms/documents, etc. There are also several features in the platform that are unique to Mosaik.

How hard is this to set up? What type of support do you offer?

Building a system that is easy to use and extremely intuitive has been one of our top priorities since Day One. We designed workflows just to tear them apart and start over if they didn’t meet the mark. We obsess over each and every pixel, and will continue to do so. We are confident that you’ll learn how to use Mosaik very quickly. 

That said, we understand that introducing a new system can feel like a big undertaking, especially with everything else on your plate. We strongly believe that technology (and your technology partners) should make your life easier and save you time, so you can focus on the things that matter most.

To make things even easier for you, we offer white-glove onboarding as a standard part of our offering. We’ll load your forms, build out your templates, coordinate your MLS integration, and handle everything else that’s needed to get you up and running. 

Once your initial setup is complete, if you want to make updates or changes, you’ll have the option to do it yourself or our Customer Experience team can handle it for you – whichever you prefer. 

We also offer on-demand training, in-app guided workflows, and a variety of other resources to support your use of the platform.

During onboarding and anytime after, our support team is available to you via phone, email, and chat 7 days a week.

Rest assured that we have you covered, whatever you need and whenever you need it.

I’m a solo agent, can I use Mosaik?

Yes, absolutely. We offer plans that are priced and designed to serve solo agents. We can also support you through any future growth, if and when needed.

I have a team, can I use Mosaik?

Yes, without a doubt. We offer a plan for teams and have native team management functionality built right into Mosaik.

I run a brokerage. Can I use Mosaik?

Absolutely. We would be happy to discuss custom solutions for your enterprise needs. 

Who should get Mosaik? Who shouldn’t?

Mosaik is for agents who: 

  • Want to provide a great client experience. 
  • Want to reduce the time, money, and effort spent managing disparate applications. 
  • Want to use data to make smart business decisions.
  • Want to implement systems that help grow their business.

Mosaik is not suited for anyone who:

  • Doesn’t care about the client experience.
  • Doesn’t take action and implement systems.
  • Runs their business like a hobby.
Who owns my data?

You always retain ownership of your data. Your data is never sold or used to compete with you. We are happy to answer any questions you have in this regard.