We believe

great real estate agents are irreplaceable.

Our Story

(thus far)

To all the great agents out there: we see and appreciate all that you do. You’re equal parts trusted advisor, human psychologist, and crisis negotiator (not to mention expert deal maker), all wrapped up into a single high-powered package. We’ve been lucky to witness this dynamism firsthand through our own experiences in real estate.

Long before we started writing any code, we wore the buyer, seller, and investor hats a few times over. As we navigated experiences like buying a first home, relocating across the country, and trying our hand at the occasional investment opportunity, we found ourselves wanting for a better digital experience along the way—something we could use to make things a little less overwhelming as clients, without losing connection to our agents that did the heavy lifting. So we got to work and constructed a platform that solved many of the pain points we experienced throughout our own journeys.

From the beginning, we based our work on a simple, but firm, conviction: the value that you, as an agent, bring to the home-buying and selling process can never be replaced by technology.

But,  it can be enhanced by technology.

And along the way,  we also saw the close and inextricable link between the client experience and yours as an agent. It didn’t make sense to clutter your experience with yet another application to manage, pay for, and thread together with the dozen others you already have to deal with. So, as concentrated as we initially were on the client experience, we thought, why not make your life easier, too?

We gathered feedback on how to best do this, and we also got licensed so we could walk a mile in your shoes. Beyond strengthening our respect for what you do, those experiences provided more insight into how we could design something even better and more meaningful. Something that both supports you, while also delighting your clients.

Something to make everybody happy.

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Our journey going forward

As we continue down this path, we’re focused on staying true to a few core beliefs.

Great technology should just work.

It should be easy to use, but sophisticated enough to help you stay ahead of the curve. It should save you time and money so you can focus on the things that matter most. And it should enhance the human experience, not frustrate or overshadow. That’s why we obsess over each and every pixel, why we build countless user flows just to tear them apart and rebuild them again. We’ll never stop working to create a digital experience that’s both powerful and delightful.

Our role is as your sidekick.

When your clients need advice or creative problem-solving, it’s not a computer that makes it happen. It’s you.

Technology can never replace the fundamentally human aspects of what make real estate what it is, and it can never be an adequate substitute for the expertise you bring to the table. So go ahead and call us your sidekick. We don’t mind.

A good sidekick amplifies what you do. It helps your light shine brighter. It’s there when you need it and stays out of the way when you don’t. It doesn’t hold you back or lock you in as your business grows and evolves (and it definitely doesn’t take advantage of your data). 

A promise made is a promise kept.

We don’t believe in over-selling and under-delivering. We also don’t believe in releasing half-baked products that are just vehicles for acquisition. We believe in working fast and staying ahead of the curve, but not at the expense of quality or at the risk of breaking things (especially when that “thing” is your livelihood). Whether it’s at the platform level or individually, we deliver on our commitments, just like you do for your clients.

There are no shortcuts to building a business the right way.

Finally, we believe in building our business the same way you’ve built yours. The right way, with a lot of hard work, a heavy dose of bootstrapping, and plenty of sweat equity. With a laser focus on impeccable quality and customer service, too. We believe these shared values put us in the best position to help you succeed.
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